Mario Hofer GmbH

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We are trying to perform every part of the training to the best of our ability. You can look at every member of the team at the menu point’s trainer or team.

Basic price: €45,00. This price includes food, training, stall and care.

Travel costs: €21, 00 to go to the races in Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

Parade money: At the moment €20, 00. With a win the price will be doubled which means €40, 00.

Doctor, transport and the blacksmith will be billed instantly. We work with the following persons.

Doctor: Dr. Vet. J.-C. Merkt
Transport: Wiescher GmbH & Co. Kg; Taxi4Horses
Blacksmith: Thomas Schmidt


Mario Hofer GmbH · An der Rennbahn 40 · 47800 Krefeld
Stall-Tel.: 0 21 51 - 50 16 75 · Fax: 0 21 51 - 15 87 42 · E-Mail: